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Updated: Nov 22


We've been working hard behind the scenes to clear up what we'll be offering this Black Friday (26th Nov, stick it in your diaries!)

As I alluded to before, three amazing artists + me have been working on hand painting & designing some custom skateboards for sale only on Black Friday. The artists are:

Curtis Robinson (@evils)

Reggie Breeze (@reggiebreezetattoo)

Phil Pollard (@havenoregretsclothing)

& myself.

I've seen or heard the initial design concepts from them and they are going to be fucking amazing. We'll be revealing the designs the Monday beforehand. To reiterate, they are custom, one off, hand painted skateboards. The price of the boards will reflect this. All decks come with griptape should you want to skate them, and they are well made decks, so you should. None of that cheap shit.

The blank decks & last years design

We are very excited to finally reveal the hand painted one of a kind skateboards being raffled for charity (all profits going to food banks) this Black Friday. I can’t believe how good these are, and serious thanks to the guys for taking the time to make them. Here’s how you can win:

- Purchase a raffle ticket (£5) for the skateboard of your choosing.

- Each entry will only be valid for your chosen skateboard. If you want more than one, you’ll have to buy a raffle ticket for each deck you’d like.

- You will be emailed a raffle ticket (within 24 hours, give us chance) for each entry for each skateboard.

- The raffle will be drawn on Black Friday for each deck. The winner will also be notified by email once the raffle has been drawn. Each deck will be drawn at separate times.

- All non-winning tickets for the four hand-painted decks will be collated and drawn for a fifth prize, which is one of our limited edition skateboards released last year.

- Each hand painted deck is size 8.0, screen printed Reap deck is 8.25, all decks come with griptape (should you want to skate them) and are varnish sealed for protection from dings at home if you’re hanging it up.

- UK Postage is included. If you’re buying internationally, we’ll talk.

- All profits are going to charity. We’ll be in discussions with food banks around the country to see what’s the best items to donate will be for them. If we make a shitload of money we’ll split the pot and give a donation to Mind Charity too.

- There will also be a one off donation to Climeworks to offset the carbon footprint of delivering the skateboards.

- Entry will close at midnight on Thursday 25th November.

All Profits from skateboard decks will be spent on supporting food banks throughout the UK

To coincide with last year, we'll be doing another limited edition long sleeve top, available for Black Friday only. It will be available all day, but only limited quantities will be available, so be quick.

We're shifting the name to Green Friday as skateboards are heavy, made of wood, and we'll be shipping them out which is costly to the environment, as well as selling a shitload of tops. So for every sale made on Black Friday we will plant a tree, and also add an extra donation to as we already pay a monthly fee to them to offset our Carbon Footprint.

I think that's it, for now. Pictures & Videos of the decks coming soon! Longsleeve design will be released on the day!

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