Collaboration with Reggie Breeze

We recently dropped a t-shirt with boss tattoo artist Reggie Breeze (@reggiebreezetattoo). Reggie and I go way back and I've always been impressed with his creativity and dedication to his craft. He might not shout about it much, but he draws more than most artists out there, a lot of the time just for the pure love of the craft and he has a very strict ethos when it comes to tattooing.

When I asked him about collaborating, he asked me if I wanted anything particular in the design. In the end, I simply instructed him just to do whatever he felt like. I typed out a huge message with potential ideas and just thought fuck it, let him roll with it. He sent me the samurai and I loved it immediately and thought it would work great as a big back patch. It matched really well with the demon summer icon I designed in the summer, so that is on the front.

Yellowy gold is a staple of Reggies artwork, so it made sense to go for that colour, nice and bright contrasting a black tee.

The design process went about as smoothly as you can want, the problem came with printing. It just took so, so long and the printing shop had delays upon delays, but, it was worth the wait, having been out under a week we're almost completely sold out and left wondering what the next drop of t-shirts will be. Probably something Jiu-Jitsu related.

Be sure to check out the other wonderful artists over at Four Daggers tattoo, where Reggie is based, Sonny, Nat and Shona are all equally fantastic artists with their own styles to boot.

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