Finishing the Kimura

One of the most powerful grips in Jiu Jitsu. The Kimura, or double wrist lock is a move where you grab your opponents wrist, thread your arm through there's to grab your own wrist, turn it 90º and wrench across the back to torque the shoulder, resulting in the tap.

However, the Kimura is not just a submission position, though it is effective, you can use it to control their whole body.

Ben Poppleton of Lakes BJJ taught a fantastic seminar demonstrating that the shoulder is effectively a rudder for the entire body, when controlled with a double wristlock. You can flip your opponent over onto their back and switch to an arm bar, or you can force them face down and finish the Kimura up the back like a police lock, or you can use it to keep them onto their side to shift round and take the back.

Once on their back, you can use the wrist control to finish a nice one armed rear naked choke too.

So, if you're struggling to tap with the Kimura, use it to control your opponent, have a play around with it when you're training, and let me know how you get on.

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Rick / / Reap

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